How does Notabase compare to other networked thinking apps (e.g. Roam Research, Obsidian, etc.)?

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Is there a desktop or mobile app?

Notabase is a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means that you can install Notabase just as you would a regular desktop or mobile app.

For more information, go to How to install Notabase.

Can I use Notabase offline?

You can view your notes offline as long as you've already loaded Notabase, or if you've installed Notabase. However, you need to be online to edit notes -- otherwise, your changes will not be saved.

How are my notes stored?

Your notes are stored in the cloud. This makes it convenient and easy for you to view and edit your notes on any device. Our backend provider is Supabase.

We take your privacy very seriously. You have full ownership over your notes, and can export them at any time to Markdown. We do not sell your notes to others or use them for advertising. And we will never read or access your private notes without your consent.

Since Notabase is in beta, we recommend that you take regular backups of your notes. You can do this by clicking "Export All" in the menu in the note header.

For more information, take a look at our Privacy Policy.

Are my notes secure?

All of your data, including your notes and any files you upload, are encrypted at rest with enterprise-grade security in the cloud. Your data is transferred through SSL when it's synced, which prevents anyone from looking at or tampering with it.

I still have a question or need help.

Feel free to pop into our Discord and ask your question there, or email us directly.

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