Getting Started

Here are some basics to help you get started.

Bidirectional linking

Bidirectional linking is a fundamental idea in Notabase. You can link to other notes, and each note displays the notes that link to it (its "backlinks"). This lets you navigate through your notes in an associative way and helps you build connections between similar ideas.

Link to another note by using the hovering menu, pressing cmd/ctrl + k, or enclosing its title in double brackets.

Formatting text

Notabase has a powerful editor that displays rich text in real-time. Here are just a few of the ways you can format text:

  • Select some text and use the hovering menu to style your writing

  • Click on the menu to the left side of any block to change the block type (e.g. paragraph, heading, bulleted list, etc.).

  • Type markdown shortcuts, which gets converted automatically to rich text as you type

  • Use keyboard shortcuts, like cmd/ctrl + b for bold, cmd/ctrl + i for italics, etc.

Creating or finding notes

You can create new notes or find existing notes by clicking on "Find or create note" in the sidebar or by pressing cmd/ctrl + p. Just type in the title of the note you want to create or find.

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