Organizing your notes

Notabase provides multiple ways to organize your notes.

Linking your notes to each other

The primary way is by linking your notes to each other. This can be done by pressing ctrl/cmd + k, highlighting some text and pressing "Link" in the hovering toolbar, or using markdown: [[Note Title]].

The linked note will then have a reference to the note that linked to it underneath "Linked References."

This method organizes your notes associatively and makes it easy to handle large quantities of notes.

Nesting your notes

You can also organize your notes hierarchically by nesting them within each other in the sidebar. You can think of this as a folder/file structure where each folder is also a note that you can write in.

To nest your notes, simply drag and drop a note onto another note. You can also click "Move to" in the note dropdown, either from the sidebar or from the note header. This can be useful if you want to move a note to the root level.


You can add tags to your notes by typing #, then the name of the tag and a space, e.g. #Tag. If you click on the tag, it will start a search in the sidebar for all of the blocks with that tag.

For more information on advanced searching, check out Advanced Search.

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